Mission Statement

To  provide individuals and companies with quality brand name energy back-up and energy saving products and total solutions combined with reliable and professional technical supply, unparalleled customer care service and to earn a decent profit for its owners, employees, stakeholders by embracing sound ethical business practices.

Generic Energy (East Africa) Ltd was incorporated in September 2010. The objective of the company is to provide cost saving environmentally friendly energy saving solutions and affordable power back-up products and solutions to individuals and corporate. This will be achieved through the direct selling to clients of a range of products or through turn key solutions involving installation of these technologies to clients. Apart from this, Generic Energy (East Africa) Ltd is committed to ensure that the products and solutions it provides to its clients are also environmentally friendly. Primarily the products will be based on renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. The Company is determined to become established in Kenya as a major provider of renewable energy solutions through market penetration and growth of its sales turnover.

generic googleGeneric Energy (EA) Ltd was incorporated in 2010 under the Company’s Act (Cap 486) with the view of providing clean power solutions to the vast majority who are not connected to the grid or are on the look out to reduce their electricity consumption costs and also protect the their existing electrical equipments against power surges.
The company provides power back up solutions to both private individuals and corporate bodies. The power back up system (PBS) is a system that uses mains electricity to charge batteries and then provides instantaneous transfer of power on to the electrical load/equipment as soon as it senses power failure from the mains electricity. When the AC power becomes available again, the PBS automatically switches back to the charging mode.

Generic Energy (EA) Ltd also provides and installs solar Lighting for both domestic, corporate and non governmental organizations which are remotely located and have no access to power from the mains electricity. Our solar panels, charge controllers, inverters and batteries are of superior quality and have a very comprehensive warranty and are very affordable.

The solar hot water system is also our specialization and we have embarked on sensitizing the prospective buyer on the beauty of the system which greatly helps in reducing electricity costs by tapping on to the power of the SUN which is nature’s free gift.

Our aim as a company is not only to provide optimal clean energy solutions to our clients but to also ensure customer satisfaction with the service provided.
It will thus be of great honor to our company, and a mutually beneficial undertaking for both organizations on the basis of our expertise and a happy and satisfied clients.