I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, Battery Systems are utility interactive and designed to operate with a solar array. During the day, the solar array (sold separately) delivers utility grade electricity to dedicated loads. Extra power not consumed will feed back into the grid and lower your electric bill. At night, utility power keeps the batteries charged and supplies electricity to dedicated loads.Ritar  Solar Ready Battery Systems provide power when utility power is unavailable.<a href=”http://www.gaston.com.hk/products/products.htm”>more product features

Stable Quality &amp; High Reliability
Sealed Construction
Long Service Life, Float or Cyclic
Maintenance-Free Operation
Low Pressure Venting System
Heavy Duty Grids
Low Self Discharge

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Genericenergy (Ea) Ltd distributes batteries from Yuasa Battery Inc and offers their complete line of Powersports batteries and accessories.

Conventional batteries (flooded electrolyte) of both 6- and 12-volt varieties are available in capacities and sizes ranging from 2 to 25 AH. The premium “YuMicron” and “YuMicron CX” lines of conventional batteries are available in 12-volt designs and offer a range of performance capacity from 2.5 to 30 AH.

The ultimate in Powersports batteries, the M/F VRLA and High Performance “YTX” and “YTZ” lines of batteries, are available in 12-volt sizes with capacities ranging from 2.3 to 30 AH. Also, many of these M/F products are available as “Factory Activated” and are supplied ready to install, eliminating the need to add acid.<strong>

These features are built into our conventional manifold vented battery – and every battery in the YUASA line:

* Patented separators provide high cranking power
* Through-partition construction delivers maximum power.
* Unique sealed posts resist corrosion for longer battery life.
* Polypropylene cover and container thwart damage from gas, oil, and impact.
* Heat-sealed, bonded unit fabrication protects against seepage and corrosion
<p class=”style1″><strong>Lead Acid Batteries:</strong><img src=”http://genericenergy.co.ke/old/chloride.jpeg” alt=”” width=”177″ height=”42″ /></p>
Hoppecke produces the most advanced lead acid batteries on the market today, designed to a German quality standards.. HOPPECKE offers a wide range of types from flooded to valve with flat plate, tubular and pure lead plate designs.

* GroE – Single cell Plante batteries
* OSP.HC – Single cell flooded general purpose batteries
* OSP.XC – Single cell flooded high rate batteries
* OPzS – Single cell flooded long discharge rate batteries
* Max.power – Single cell large Ah capacity batteries for general purpose.
* Solar.power – Single cell flooded high discharge cycle batteries for renewable energy
* OGi bloc – Flooded multi cell block batteries for general purpose discharges.
* USV bloc – Flooded multi cell block batteries for high rate discharges
* Power.bloc OPzS – Flooded multi cell block batteries for long discharge rates.
* OPzV – Valve regulated single cell gel batteries for long discharge rate applications.
* Power.bloc OPzV – Valve regulated multi cell gel batteries for long discharge rates.
* Power.com SB – Valve regulated multi cell AGM batteries for general purpose discharge.
* Power.com HC – Valve regulated multi cell AGM batteries for high rate discharge.
* Net.power – Valve regulated multi cell AGM batteries for Telecom
* Solar.bloc – Valve regulated 12V AGM batteries for renewable energy applications